Saturday, August 20, 2016

West Point Alumni Leaders Conference 2016 Society Breakout Session Notes

Slides from the Leaders Conference are available online.

You will need to log into the site to access them.

Top 10 Takeaway Items:
1. Reviewing trademarking policies dos and dont's, Presidents are asked to sign the policy documents and return to avoid being in non-compliance.
2. Improving communication including the online calendar.
3. Young grad engagement
4. How to handle memberships
5. Adding individuals to distribution lists is possible. WPAOG Society Support just needs to be told so they can do it manually this includes parents.
6. Getting involved with Admissions activities.
7. 501c3 status and how to get it. More information is available here - https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/charitable-organizations/exemption-requirements-section-501-c-3-organizations.
8. Regional Advisor elections and how to utilize them. Society Support can put up voting sites for you if interested.
9. Working together with other groups within the Region. Work together with Parent Clubs, Societies, USMA, WPAOG, Service Academies, and the community.
10. Society self-assessments to review areas of strength and needing improvement. A copy of this is now available in the Society Leader Toolkit.


Regional Breakout
 Regional Admissions Reps - 30 Mins
 Regional Advisor Elections - 10 Mins
 Regional Topic Discussions - 20 Mins
Discussion Starters for Regional Breakouts:
 Do you share your events with other Societies in the region?
 What does your Society struggle with?
 How does your Region engage and support alumni from different generations?
 How can your Regional Advisors help your Region?
 How can Societies in your Region help with Admissions activities?
 How do Societies in your Region help to promote USMA?
 What challenges does your Region face?
 Does your Society team up with other Societies, Parent Clubs, or Service Academies in the area?
 How can your Region help support Cadets – visiting and at the Academy?
 What WPAOG services do your Societies utilize?
 How can WPAOG help your Region?
Please provide your new Regional Advisor names to Society-support@wpaog.org by October 1. Contact Society-support@wpaog.org if you need to setup an online voting website.
Discussion Starters for Size Classification Breakouts:
 What challenges do Societies of your size face that other Societies don’t?
 How do you handle fundraising?
 What key positions do you think are critical to running your Society?
 What type of events does your Society conduct?
 Does your Society maintain their bylaws? There is a template in the Society Leader Toolkit.
 What type of community activities does your Society get involved with?
 Do you utilize the WPAOG services – mini-websites, online registrations, Society Leader Toolkit, email distribution lists, Society Administration portion of the website, surveys, etc.?
 Do you work with other groups – Societies, Parent Clubs, Service Academies for your events?
 How can WPAOG help Societies of your size?
 Do you have a succession plan in place? There is a template in the Society Leader Toolkit.
 How do you engage graduates from different generations?
 Is your Society a 501c3?
 Does your Society have a strategic plan? There is a template in the Society Leader Toolkit.


Breakout Notes:
 Societies would like to know more about the cadets coming to their areas. Society Leaders should all visit the WPAOG online calendar and have the events in the Region pushed to them. WPAOG is already working to collected more information from the Academy.
 Regional Advisor selections are due to Society Support by October 1.
 Recruiting athletes dos and don’ts.
 Getting involved with Admissions.
 Utilize the services of WPAOG to ease Society Administration.
 Share information within the Region and with WPAOG.
 Contact Deb Dalton if anyone in your area is interested in starting a Parent Club.
 Anyone can added to Society email distributions (grads within the zip code radius are automatically added), they just need to request to be manually added by emailing Society-support@wpaog.org.
 Share information with Regional Advisors so they can prep for meetings and discussions with WPAOG.
 Request to make the DSA less complicated and comments that the DSA is very user friendly.
 Appealing to younger grads by offering field force, volunteer, and family friendly activities.
 Society membership – to charge dues or not to charge. How to get enough money to sustain operations with fundraising, raffles, events, etc.
 Applying for 501c3 status.
 Getting involved with the community especially high schools for recruiting.
 Completing bylaws – Societies are required to send copies to WPAOG as part of being setup.
 Completing a succession plan to ensure your Society can continue.
 Getting Academy Leaders for Founders Days at the smaller or more remote Societies.
 Offering a variety of activities – sporting events, picnics, wine tastings, field trips, brewery tours, spirit events, museums, charity activities, youth leadership conferences, widow/widower support, holiday events, active duty support, local awards.

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