Sunday, May 18, 2014

Board of Directors and the Advisory Council.

The WPAOG Board of Directors would like all graduates to be aware of the Board's continuous effort to broaden the base of expertise and experience present on the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council.  The effort is intended to enrich the perspectives, characteristics, skills and attributes important to the performance of the Board and Advisory Council as groups representing the full spectrum of graduates.

On May 2, 2014, the Board offered more specific guidance to the 2014 Nominating Committee on the skills and attributes desired. (This guidance supplements the skills/attributes outlined in the WPAOG Bylaws, Section 8.4 (e) iv.) The specific guidance (in no order of priority) is as follows:

(1) Women
(2) Retired general officers (rationale: desiring to have a few serve who, because of their careers, have  specific knowledge of, access to and familiarity with DoD organizations and senior military leaders)
(3) Under-represented race/ethnicity
(4) Corporate lawyer (or lawyer with significant corporate experience)
(5) Strategic communication professional(s)
(6) Compensation/human resources professional(s)
(7) IT professional(s)
(8) Retired military career (rationale: similar in those insights and potential contributions that retired GOs bring, but without the drawback and burden of always being viewed as "the General")
(9) Age/Class diversity
(10) Diversity of work experience to include some individuals from both public and private sectors
(11) Exhibited ability to constructively participate and contribute as a volunteer based on past activity with WPAOG, West Point Class or West Point Society

Please note that volunteer service on the WPAOG Advisory Council or the Board of Directors requires in-person attendance, at personal expense, at meetings (most are held at West Point) and demonstrated consistent financial support of West Point.

Nominations are open until 1 July 2014.  Nomination applications must include a personal resume, response to the questionnaire contained on the website, nomination from your class leadership and/or your Society leadership, and a personal letter affirming acknowledgement of the personal financial requirement to travel and attend meetings at West Point.  This information is at WestPointAOG.org/nominationpolicy.

Additionally, this information posted on the website at http://www.westpointaog.org/nominations-committee-guidance.